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Plastic ideas for a greener world

the original flexible porous plastic paving, designed and manufactured in Germany and also known as a geogrid, geocell, Ecogrid, and other designations. Produced by Purus Plastics GmbH which also controls the quality of the raw materials going into the product under ISO standards and considering over 20 years of manufacture, we can guarantee 20 years of quality.

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Sustainable system

Ecoraster® is the perfect sustainable system for permeable reinforced surfaces. It is widely used in many different markets, from road construction to permeable parking and driveways both grassed and gravel filled, for mud control in agriculture and equine applications, and as a free draining base system for riding arenas.


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Permeable, porous or pervious paving
Ecoraster® allows the infiltration of water through it, filtering it through to the soil below the paved surface, helping to prevent environmental issues associated with water runoff. Ecoraster® is also fully recyclable meaning that it is a truly “green” alternative to asphalt or concrete and is also a very effective method of erosion control.

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20 year factory quality warranty

The product is engineered to withstand the highest sheer stresses of heavy equipment and comes with a 20 year factory quality warranty. We manufacture our product from a particular type of plastic (LDPE) unique in the paving market, which makes Ecoraster® suitable for both cold and warm weather uses without frost damage or deformation under high temperatures.

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Ecoraster® Applications

A few examples of Ecoraster® used in civil applications

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Frankfurt Airport

Rainwater retention with Ecoraster® at the Frankfurt Airport, Germany

Rainwater retention, Arzberg

Rainwater retention, embankment reinforcement, erosion protection

Ecoraster in Dairy Farm for sand bedding savings

Ecoraster E50 re-enforcing the sand bedding in the milking parlor

Ecoraster free-draining base for riding arenas

For over 20 years the Ecoraster arena system has been improving riding arena footing performance at the highest levels of equestrian sports.
Purus factory parking

High performance permeable outdoor warehouse paving

Industrial Outdoor Warehouse with Ecoraster sandwich method

Park-able concrete pavers with minimal excavation

To resolve the issue within the customer’s budgets restraints, the landscaper decided to use Ecoraster X30 system as a base reinforcement.

Residential Synthetic Grass Installation

Low impact installation of high quality synthetic with minimal excavation


People who serve a nation deserve the highest quality.
Dairy Farms

Dairy farms

Reduce sand usage and increase cow comfort.
AZ Jan Portaels 002

Green Spaces

Use EcoGrid/EcoRaster in the development of green spaces!
erosion 3

Erosion Control

Stop erosion permanently with EcoGrid/EcoRaster!
Hof Müllheim 6

Mud Control in farms

Permanently eliminate mud problems with EcoGrid/EcoRaster!
golf hole

Golf Courses

Our grid has been used extensively on Golf Courses throughout the world.
driveway close shot

Gravel Driveways

EcoGrid/EcoRaster enables you to create the ultimate, maintenance free gravel driveway.
de gavers (7)

Pathways, Bike Paths, Trails

EcoGrid/EcoRaster improves the safety and durability of the heavy traffic areas.

Green Roofing

Use Ecoraster as a base for green roofing.
BeFunky_parking free.jpg

Parking Lots

EcoGrid/EcoRaster has been used in Europe for years to promote permeable parking areas.

Equestrian & Livestock Facilities

EcoGrid/EcoRaster is your permanent solution to muddy paddocks, round pens and turn outs.

Public Spaces

Outdoor Venues and Market Places and Flea Markets
BeFunky_fancamp (4).jpg


EcoGrid/EcoRaster enables sustainable grassed camp sites
ecoraster -landscape-path


The correct installation of EcoGrid/EcoRaster will ensure maximum water permeability

Recent Updates

Ecoraster® is a cost-effective paving solution compared to asphalt, concrete, brick and stone

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