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Plastic ideas for a greener world

Product Benefits

  • Mud prevention and control of soil erosion.
  • Cost effective compared to traditional concrete and asphalt paving.
  • Prevents stormwater runoff, and protects the water table.
  • High quality, and durable even at extreme high and low temperatures.

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Helps the environment

Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic bags, effectively keeping millions of non-degradable bags out of public landfills and incinerators. Because it can be filled with natural land cover like grass, it helps reduce the “Heat Island Effect”


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A cost-effective paving solution

Not only does Ecoraster® cost less per square metre to install, but it significantly outperforms asphalt, concrete, brick and stone at extreme hot and cold temperatures.




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German TÜV Certification 

TÜV CERTIFIED  according to DIN 1072 our ECORASTER paving system is speicified to  extremely high load capacities.





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Ecoraster® Applications

A few examples of Ecoraster® used in civil applications

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Recent Updates

Ecoraster® is a cost-effective paving solution compared to asphalt, concrete, brick and stone

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Purus North America is looking for skilled Distributors


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