Worried about potential tripping hazards associated with unit interlocking pavers?

Posted on July 23, 2015 · Posted in Purus updates

Are you worried about potential tripping hazards associated with unit interlocking pavers?
Do you have interlocking paving stones that are shifting and lifting?
Are you looking for an affordable, easy to use and install product that will permanently repair failing interlocking unit pavers?

There are many reasons installations of unit pavers fail:

  • Perhaps the base wasn’t excavated deep enough and the cold climate leads to frost heave.
  • Perhaps there are drainage issues around the site. Poor drainage conditions will lead to areas where the base is compromised, unevenly and sporadically.
  • Perhaps there are stabilization challenges within the native soil conditions.
  • Perhaps a permeable base preparation was used and shifted due to the lack of compaction.

If your project area is suffering from one of these challenges or failing due to other unmentioned factors, rest assured the Ecoraster X30 can be used to successfully eliminate shifting, lifting and failure of unit interlocking pavers.
The existing pavers can be removed carefully to be reused afterwards.
The top layer of the base is removed and replaced with clear, washed aggregate. The Ecoraster X30 is placed on top of the drainable base and filled with clear angular gravel; we suggest ¼” angular or HPB.

The unit pavers are replaced on top of the new base preparation and the risk of the pavers moving and shifting is eliminated.
Ecoraster X30 is an affordable DIYer type product that can help as a base stabilizer underneath unit pavers to eliminate any shifting or lifting of the pavers. Contact Ecoraster.ca for references or with any questions you may have.