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Reinforced Sod for Heavy Duty Access Road.

Reinforced Sod for Heavy Duty Access Road

Green spaces, LID Technology

Installed May, 2016
Bennington Heights School/Community Centre Toronto, Ontario
115 m2 Ecoraster E50

The location of the installation is a local school/outdoor community centre area.
They had recently renovated the area and had built a new hydro control area. The access to the hydro area was through a beautiful, upscale residential neighbourhood. The designer used Ecoraster E50 to provide a reinforced grass access area that could be used occasionally by hydro service vehicles while seamlessly blending into the park when not needed.
Ideally, we suggest that the grid is installed, filled with soil and then seeded in order to grow grass that will withstand heavy vehicle traffic. The grid can also be filled with sod, which works but can be slightly more labour intensive. In this case, they chose to install the grid and then place the sod directly on top of the grid.
In this case, Ecoraster will ensure that the ground stays level, stable and safe. There will not be tire ruts or potholes type areas, however, the grass that is directly on the “track” area may not grow as nicely as the un-compacted grass.