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Raingardens and Ecoraster. A Perfect Partnership

Raingardens and Ecoraster

Agriculture, D.I.Y, Erosion control, Green spaces

The Fern Hill School in Burlington, Ontario recently installed a beautiful raingarden to help do their part in managing storm water and in promoting green infrastructure.

Fern Ridge Landscaping, a company at the forefront of low impact development projects, was responsible for the design and installation of this project. Sean James, the company owner, along with the design team and crew members worked over a period of 2 weeks to transform an overgrown, unusable area into beautiful educational garden areas and an Ecoraster pathway helping to convey the benefits of responsible rain water handling. 

Raingardens are becoming very popular in Ontario and throughout North America as an affordable option for home owners and municipalities alike.
Raingardens can be tailored easily to the individual needs and they can be installed either as a DIYer project or by using a qualified technician.
For this specific project, they wanted to include a pathway within the raingarden and decided that Ecoraster manufactured by Purus NA Ecoraster Inc. was the perfect product for their needs.

The Ecoraster was delivered to the site after the pathway area was prepared and levelled. The sheets of grid are lightweight and easy to maneuver.
As you can see from the pictures, the grid was installed in such a way to allow it to conform to the pathway design. The installation process is very straight forward and this was actually the first project the team did with Ecoraster, the process was seamless. Once the Ecoraster was installed, they filled the cells with clear, angular gravel.

Ecoraster is designed to eliminate all compaction and migration of gravel fill. The cells contain the gravel ensuring a level, stable and universally accessible AODA compliant, surface. The Ecoraster pathway will not require any regular maintenance and the surface of the pathway will remain dry and puddle free. Everyone involved with the project was very happy with both the installation process and the finished result.
The raingarden is something Fern Hill School can be proud of for years to come!