Want to know more on how Ecoraster® works and how can it help you? Find out what is Ecoraster Permeable Paving, and why is it important?

Public Spaces. Outdoor Venues, Market Places and Flea Markets

Public Spaces

Green spaces

The use of EcoRaster in public venues has proven to be a great solution for providing a stable mud free areas while allowing vehicle traffic access to areas without damage to the grass.

We have pre grown grass available for customers looking for a viable alternative to sod and can fill orders usually within 5 weeks of ordering (please contact us for more information on pregrown grasses). By maintaining a non compacted area for grass to grow in clients can ensure good grass coverage while maintaining a permeable surface area.

Ideal for Outdoor concert Venues and outdoor Markets. The grid protects the roots of the grass and growth areas of the grass plant while providing a stable surface.