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Park-able concrete pavers with minimal excavation.

Park-able concrete pavers with minimal excavation


The customer wished to expand the asphalt driveway to the left and right in order to allow for more parking, and do so using attractive concrete paving stones. High costs of disposal of excavated material and complicated deep excavation required for quality stone finish that could withstand the load of vehicular parking were a challenge for the costs of the project, and the timing for the landscaper considering the short and intensive installation season in the Toronto area.

Area in Square feet: Approximately 250 square feet
Products used: Ecoraster X30 with ¾” angular gravel base for drainage and ¼” clear chip as bedding
Construction Period: 4 days in June 2014


Solution / Implementation
To resolve the issue within the customer’s budgets restraints, the landscaper decided to use Ecoraster X30 system as a base reinforcement. The depth of excavation was reduced from 18” to 12 “saving labour, equipment use, and the direct costs of disposal, known as “bin fees”. These costs saving are estimated to be approximately $2,100.
The amount of base material was reduced by 6” saving in both material and labour, estimated savings $1,000. The Ecoraster X30 was integrated into the base material and topped with a layer of bedding and the concrete pavers were installed as usual. The total project duration was 4 days instead of the usual 7 days for such a project, freeing up the landscaper for more work during the short season.

“The Ecoraster system allowed my landscaping company ‘BigShotz Landscape Design & Maintenance’ to install high performance concrete pavers with a much shorter installation time and with less base materials and labour costs. Interlocking installation is both highly competitive in pricing and is plagued with poor workmanship which often fails after one season, because corners are cut on the groundwork and installation. Ecoraster allowed us to be both competitive in pricing and complete the work properly and very quickly, and I cannot find any reason not to use it in every interlocking project. The savings in material, work, and time were 4 times the investment of the Ecoraster, and we completed the job in just over half the usual time and could move on to the next project. The base preparation and construction is never seen in the final product but is the most important part of the project and takes the longest. Ecoraster allows us to excavate to a shallower depth and saves us majorly in labour and still instils confidence that our projects are built to last for many years”.

Collin Shotlander

Bigshotz Landscape Design & Maintenance
(905) 237-1679

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