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Metro Toronto Zoo-African Restaurant Patio. Ecoraster supported unit interlocking pavers

Metro Toronto Zoo-African Restaurant Patio

Green spaces

Project: Ecoraster supported unit interlocking pavers
Installed: Spring 2016 by R.G. Peel and Co.
Second area 5000 sq ft
Total area 6000 sq ft

The project manager contacted Purus North America after learning about the Ecoraster family of products. The Zoo was looking for LID type products as well as a way to incorporate permeability thus ensuring minimal drainage issues. They were also interested in a base stabilization product that would help provide a long lasting, high quality finished patio product with no risk of shifting, lifting or heaving of the individual stones. It was decided that Ecoraster provided the solution for all of their concerns.
Ecoraster was incorporated into the base preparation. The locking system between the individual Ecoraster grid tiles ensures no movement between the squares. The heavy duty unit paving stones were placed upon the Ecoraster with great ease. Ecoraster also helped to stabilize the area around the tables and was very easy to cut to accommodate posts and design variations for the edges.
The customer was very pleased with the finished results and with the versatility of Ecoraster.