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Kissimee, Florida – Ground Reinforcement for Boat Parking. Problems with storing a boat in the backyard

Kissimee, Florida – Ground Reinforcement for Boat Parking


A local boat owner was experiencing problems with storing his boat in his backyard. The backyard is of average size and he did not want to cement or pave a large section of the grassy area.

The problems occurred when he moved the boat to take it out and he experienced rutting and mud issues.
The first step was to remove the existing grass and top level of the muddy soil.

His solution was to install Ecoraster. He filled the grid with soil after installation and seeded the area to provide a very nice looking yard of grass while providing excellent support for the boat as it moved into and out of the storage area in the yard.

The grid was easily cut to conform to the existing hardscape. Ecoraster provided an immediate solution to his problem area. Ecoraster E50 Grid will withstand up 800 tons of pressure per square meter. A fully sustainable solution with a great combination of form and function!