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High traffic public path.

High traffic public path


Area in Square feet: Approximately 350 square feet
Products used: Ecoraster E30 with ¼” angular gravel base mixed with compost for drainage and bedding and filled with a seeded sandy soil mix
Construction Period: 1 day in September 2014

In the Humber Arbouretum there are a number of bridges that receive a high amount of traffic across them on a daily basis. Due to the high traffic the grass died on the path to the bridge due to the repetitive traffic causing compaction. It became impossible to fix these spots to allow grass to grow. The client wanted a solution to fix the issues with compaction while still maintaining a grass path instead of an interlocking path.

Solution / Implementation
To resolve this issue for the Humber Arbouretum, BigShotz Landscape Design and Maintenance worked with Humber Colleges Landscape Technician students to install the Ecoraster E30 system to eliminate compaction on the soil. We excavated the existing soil to a depth of 6” and then filled the area with a mixture of HPB (1/4” angular gravel), compost, and some of the native soil to stay sustainable. We then installed the Ecoraster on-top of the prepared base that we graded to be flush and match the surrounding land contours. The Ecoraster was then filled with a sandy soil mix from Miller Compost called “Topdressing Mix” and seeded it with an appropriate blend of grass seeds to grow best in the Ecoraster with a deep rooting structure.

“The Ecoraster system allowed the Humber Arbouretum to permanently solve their issue with ground compaction at the bridge pass by installing Ecoraster. The Ecoraster system now holds the load of the pedestrian traffic to prevent the soil from taking the weight load and making it hard for the grass roots to grow properly. It is a very cost effective method as well. Our other option to fix this area was to just pave it with an interlocking stone, but the cost of that would have been over 50% more expensive to do a proper installation with pavers. In the end, not only did we save costs, but we provided a solution to the Arbouretum that allowed them to keep their grass path but have it as a structural system now. “
Collin Shotlander
BigShotz Landscape Design & Maintenance

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