Want to know more on how Ecoraster® works and how can it help you? Find out what is Ecoraster Permeable Paving, and why is it important?

High performance permeable outdoor warehouse paving.

High performance permeable outdoor warehouse paving


The finished goods allowed outdoor warehousing even in harsh weather conditions and the customer wished to save the costs of building an enclosed warehouse. The customer also chose permeable paving in order to save the costs of stormwater infrastructure, and additionally save yearly stormwater taxes due to the low permeability coefficient, adding up to several thousand Euros every year.

The permeable surface needed to be concrete-like in performance to withstand forklift and transport truck traffic, this with minimal excavation due to high costs of disposal and gravel base, The permeable surface means that there would be no pooling water to freeze, preventing pallets sticking to the ground, which normally requires some type of roofing. The driving surface needed to be snow plow-able due to heavy and regular snow fall, and frost resistant to prevent cracking.

Solution / Implementation
In order to meet all of the requirements Ecoraster was used in the Sandwich method. Local construction codes for industrial asphalt had required a total depth of 32 inches. The Ecoraster in the “sandwich method” required a total depth of 16.5 inches. The calculation was made with the layering coefficient of Ecoraster in this method.
E30 Ecoraster was installed on the compacted graded ground and filled with 13 inches of clear crushed gravel. A thin layer of ¼” gravel was installed as a bedding and screeded, and the Ecoraster E50 was assembled and installed on this layer and backfilled with the same fine crushed gravel.

“The Ecoraster in sandwich method met all of our needs and remains flawless and the same performance even after 12 years in use. The cost of the installation was less than 50% of what it would have cost with traditional construction methods and we still save yearly storm water taxes.
Our asphalt and concrete surfaces do not stand up to the elements as well as the Ecoraster, and this permeable solution also saves salting and sanding.”

Name of Project: Industrial Outdoor Warehouse with Ecoraster sandwich method
Address: Fichtel Mountains Bavaria Germany
Area in Square feet: Approximately 100,000 square feet
Products used: Ecoraster E30 at sub base and E50 as top layer with ¾” angular gravel base for drainage and ¼” clear chip as bedding and fill.
Construction Period: 2002

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