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Happy Cows and Ecoraster. Installment in rural Ontario

Happy Cows and Ecoraster


The versatility of Ecoraster is truly apparent in this recent installment in rural Ontario. The benefits of Ecoraster for both Equestrian and Agricultural applications are well known. For decades, Ecoraster has been the “go to” product for many uses around the farm and most often, around the barn. Ecoraster is proven to provide immediate results by eliminating mud and keeping horses and livestock dry, clean and healthy.

This barn is used primarily for dairy cows. The floor of the barn had become muddy and uneven. It was progressively more difficult to maintain the barn and the livestock. The customer approached Purus NA Ecoraster Inc after hearing about the benefits of the Ecoraster system for mud control and the resulting cost savings.The bar floor was prepared and graded.The Ecoraster E40 model was installed.

The customer was very pleased with the ease of installation and how quickly the product went down.Ecoraster is easy to cut in order to conform to the shape of the project.Sand was used to fill the grid. Ecoraster is strong enough, even empty, to support the heaviest of vehicles allowing front loads and bull dozers to drive right on the empty grid making the filling process faster and easier.The bedding material was placed on top of the sand layer.

The results were immediate. The Ecoraster base ensures that the bedding layer will remain dry and insulated. The resident cows are healthy and happy. The barn owners are thrilled with the results and are pleased with how easy it is to maintain the barn floor and to keep the cows dry and clean. They are already talking about their next “Ecoraster” project.