Want to know more on how Ecoraster® works and how can it help you? Find out what is Ecoraster Permeable Paving, and why is it important?

Gravel Driveways made Easy with Ecoraster. Gravel driveways are becoming more popular

Gravel Driveways made Easy with Ecoraster


There are many reasons for this shift away from traditional asphalt or paved surfaces.
Gravel driveways can be installed in a DIYer type fashion; Gravel driveways are environmentally friendly; Gravel driveways can help reduce municipal taxes by increasing the permeable surface available; Gravel driveways provide a quieter surface, more rustic and natural that is popular in today’s times.

The main problem associated with gravel driveways is based around the fact that gravel is not a static surface. Loose gravel moves around and can be hard to walk on if there are mobility issues. Pushing a stroller or wheelchair is very difficult. Loose gravel also requires periodic grading and “topping up”. In the winter, it is hard to snow plow a gravel surface without catching the top layer, leading to more grading and maintenance when spring arrives.

Ecoraster provides an immediate solution to areas of loose gravel by containing the gravel within the cells of the grid. The Ecoraster system is designed to eliminate all compaction, migration and movement of loose gravel. As soon as the Ecoraster is installed, the surface becomes level, stable and fully accessible. There is no regular maintenance needed. The gravel stays put indefinitely! Ecoraster makes the installation of a gravel driveway even easier for the DIYer customer. The finished product is truly something to be proud of! A beautiful driveway that is fully sustainable, long lasting and environmentally friendly.