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Grassed reinforced golf fairway.

Grassed reinforced golf fairway

Erosion control, Green spaces, LID Technology

This client is very keen to use Ecoraster on fairways and access routes when erosion is an issue. The groundsmen have their own way of ‘doing things’, standard way of creating a grassed load bearing surface for sporting events. First the ground is levelled and compacted. Next turf is laid out to the required shape. Ecoraster E30 is laid 2 metres wide (6 tiles) The surrounding area is top-dressed to levels Finally, the grass is allowed to grow through the grids.

The finished surface is virtually indistinguishable from the surrounding turfed, non load-bearing surfaces and is completely load bearing and free draining. Ecoraster also can show case studies for grassed or gravel car parking facilities for golf courses.

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