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Permeable floor for farrowing huts with Ecoraster.

Permeable floor for farrowing huts with Ecoraster


The customer wanted to remove and prevent mud and wet straw bedding. The reasons for this were to save in bedding costs and improve the farrowing environment for the newborn piglets. It is often the case that piglets die from hypothermia caused by mud or wet bedding, and also to get „lost“ in the mounds of bedding needed to keep the huts dry. The lost piglets are often inadvertently crushed to death by the sows.

Solution / Implementation
The Ecoraster X30 was chosen to be the floor of the farrowing huts, installed in 5 x 7 pieces and packed with straw bedding. After a short time the customer has noted a 10 fold reduction in the amount of bedding used and the complete disappearance of mud and dampness in the farrowing huts. The loss of piglets to hypothermia and suffocation is noted and is to be documented and statistically analyzed. After a short test of one farrowing hut the customer has decided to implement the X30 Ecoraster system in all of its farrowing huts and will be testing the grid in its larger fattening houses.

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