Want to know more on how Ecoraster® works and how can it help you? Find out what is Ecoraster Permeable Paving, and why is it important?

Ecoraster – The D.I.Y. Hot Tub Pad System.

Ecoraster – The D.I.Y. Hot Tub Pad System


Ecoraster E 40

  • Tested by TÜV and certified to comply with:
  • DIN 1072 – roads and foot bridges – vehicle point axle loading up to 20 metric tons / axle, or 120,000 kg/m² [i.e. 22.35 US Tons / axle, ca. 24,000 pounds/square foot]
  • DIN EN ISO 124/B125 – meets all requirements for automobile parking areas.
  • DIN 38412 – environmental neutrality – Production is actively monitored

D.I.Y. Installation

  1. Remove grass (Organic Soil)
  2. Spread out a leveled thin gravel base to lay the Ecoraster on.
  3. Lay in the sheet of fitted & pre-connected Ecoraster
  4. Check and adjust level surface of the Ecoraster
  5. Fill in the Ecoraster Grid with clear gravel (HPB) and scrape flush to the surface.
  6. It’s now solid and ready for the tub.

Consumer benefits

  • Easy Consumer DIY Installation
  • No need to compact a limestone base
  • No need for heavy concrete patio slabs
  • No need for deep excavation for base
  • Size to fit easily with Patented Snap-Fit system
  • Easy for installation crews, base pad does not shift with tub installation when tub is pushed onto the pad. (compared to gravel)
  • Easy for electrician to get close to the pad without having to deal with concrete slabs

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