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Ecoraster Installed at City of Tavares Park.

Ecoraster Installed at City of Tavares Park

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The City of Tavares, Florida is known as Seaplane City. Wooten Park in Tavares is located on Lake Dora, a lake highly frequented by seaplane owners. It is also the sight of numerous other events such as wooden boat exhibitions and classic car shows. With the influx of visitors, the city has been experiencing issues with mud and unstable ground when the public comes to attend the numerous events and shows.
Previously they have utilized bark chips and mulch without success. Sealing the ground with asphalt or concrete was not considered as it would not fit in with the cities desire to install an eco-friendly product that allowed rain water to flow naturally into the ground.
Ecoraster was chosen to accomplish their mission. The grid eliminates mud and rutting, stabilizes the ground allowing multiple types of vehicles to travel over the grid including trucks and keeps the ground unsealed for rain water to permeate back into the land.
The installation was easy and fast requiring low man hours with great results. They are now ready for upcoming shows with stabilized, usable areas for foot traffic and parking.