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Ecoraster in use for universal accessibility.

Ecoraster in use for universal accessibility

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The MAXwell Center is a community center in Dundee offering a variety of workshops and vocational sessions within a deprived community. Recently, they established a training garden project to equip people to manage their own allotments. This has rejuvenated a derelict builder’s yard to become a fertile garden area. Some of these training plots have been allocated to local primary schools, who have already started planting seeds for their own food producing plots. The remaining plots have been allocated to community groups and individuals keen to start growing their own produce.

One of these primary schools requires wheelchair access for the allotments. As a result, the MAXwell center began a project to make the entire site accessible for them. A key part of this was improving the driveway; originally just compacted earth with a thin layer of gravel on top of a membrane, this had to be changed as it was not hard-wearing enough to withstand traffic.

Originally, Kate was considering using concrete for the driveway, but encountered our permeable plastic paving, Ecoraster. Being concerned about hard-standing surfaces and potential flooding issues, Kate wanted to try an alternative to carbon-emitting concrete. After speaking to us Kate placed an order for our Ecoraster E50. One of our higher grades of Ecoraster which provides an 800 tonne load-bearing capacity when filled. Combined with its 50mm depth and impressive wall thickness, the E50 was ideal for a driveway application with potential commercial vehicles.

Kate said the following about the Ecoraster installation:
“The Ecoraster was delivered on a pallet. Each sheet of grid can be lifted by one person and therefore easily moved from the delivery access point. It can be stacked high and is compact during outdoor storage, as well as not damaging to existing grass or hard features. In comparison, moving slabs around is heavy work and likely to damage surfaces.”

“We laid approximately 100mm of hard-core which was compacted level and the Ecoraster was laid on top. This was very quick to do and straightforward. The gravel was shoveled back over the grid and raked level; again, quick and straightforward.”

“The access route is now complete for wheelchairs at a reasonable cost and minimal labour. We can promote the product as well as our use of it as a climate-friendly option that is adorable and easy to install. The first wheelchair-bound pupil has already been able to access the raised beds. Thank you for your help.”

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