Want to know more on how Ecoraster® works and how can it help you? Find out what is Ecoraster Permeable Paving, and why is it important?

Ecoraster free-draining base for riding arenas.

Ecoraster free-draining base for riding arenas


For over 20 years the Ecoraster arena system has been improving riding arena footing performance at the highest levels of equestrian sports. The Ecoraster Arena System effectively separates the sub base from the footing layer with many benefits.

  • Affordable free draining base system for riding arenas of all types
  • Savings in excavation and in sub base material which can in many cases be completed without gravel
  • Longer riding seasons and allowing riding in conditions which would not be possible without Ecoraster
  • Prevention of sub-base mixing with footing and migration of footing , saving need for topping up
  • Improved riding surface due to the elastic nature of the grid, which means more comfort for the rider and easier on the horse’s joints
  • Safety to horse and rider due to patented locking system of the Ecoraster grids
  • Quick and easy harrowing down to the grids for professional maintenance
  • Millions of square feet installed worldwide with 20 year quality guarantee

Feel free to inquire about our system for your riding arena. Ecoraster can be seen in action at Spruce Meadows and Rocky Mountain Show Jumping in Calgary, in the harshest of conditions. When the weather turns bad the Ecoraster arenas are the best performing most ride-able arenas around.
Some of our recent installations:

  • Spruce Meadows Calgary Alberta
  • Rocky Mountain Show Jumping Calgary Alberta
  • Pradar Equestrian Club Moscow Russia
  • Haupstadt Turnier Berlin Germany

Read more about Ecoraster in equine facilities applications on www.ecorasterhorse.com

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