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Ecoraster for fire access routes.

Ecoraster for fire access routes

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The Problem:
Fire fighting operations are often hindered by the lack or poor quality of access lanes and parking and turning areas. In addition to unprofessionally constructed ground reinforcement and poor material quality, “gravel grass” can be one of the main reasons for failing access lanes and surfaces. The reason for this is the development of organic material (Humus) Mud filled tire treads and getting stuck in the mud can delay lifesaving access to the site an emergency situation. The quick extinguishing of fire and other life saving measures can be compromised even with four wheel drive vehicles, and this not only with wet ground.

Additionally the use of parking and turning areas with soft sub bases is also problematic for rescue and fire fighting vehicles. Modern extension ladder vehicles quickly detect sinking in soft ground and shut down automatically. The secure and stable positioning and extension of the ladder is thus impossible! Most re and rescue vehicles are not fitted with suitable tires and four wheel drive.

Not to mention: Access to the emergency location does not necessarily mean secure parking!

The requirements:
Access roads, parking and turning surfaces have to meet the minimum standards of the Road Building Class VI (Guidelines for standardizing vehicular traffic surfaces- RStO)- section from “Fire access surfaces” (TBB/ DIN 14090)
• minimum 3 m with with straight entrances
• minimum 3.5 m with by entrances bordered with structures, where both side >= 12m
• Total allowed weight minimum 16t
• Load ability: min, 10t per axle
• i.e. vehicle min 7m x 12m *
• Dimensions: including extensions (4m) in front and rear of turning areas

The Benefits:
Ecoraster has been manufactured in Germany for over 20 years from 100% recycled content. Our ground reinforcement system includes a unique and proven safety locking element which has been proven millions of times. It is absolutely UV resistant, environmentally neutral, shatter poof, and long-life. The intense stress and loading of Ecoraster grid by snow removal equipment is absolutely problem free, and even with aggressive salting no damage occurs. Simple and quick installation combined with ultra-high load ability and 20 year factory warranty ensures an outstanding value.

The Solution:
The Ecorastersystem reinforces or “paves” the ground surface without sealing it. This means that even with high surface loads ( ≥800t / m , depending on ll type) the rainwater/ re ghting water can easily in ltrate the ground, usually without additional complex drainage elements. This also means in some cases (depending on government) there is no stormwater tax per surface area. Because the Ecoraster system can be lled with dierent ll materials it allows toatal deisgn freedom for landscaping. Ecoraster ensures safe access and parking/turning of emergency vehicles.

The company:
Purus Plastics is a mid-size family business located Arzberg German in the Bavarian Forest. We run one of the most modern factories in the world with a unique closed loop recycling system- from plastic waste to plastic granules, to sustainable products. As a founding member of the RAL quality association, we set the highest standards for plastics recycling. We want to guarantee that you have made the best choice with Ecoraster.

Certificates and Specifications:
UV resistant, tested according to DIN EN 60068-2-5
Please follow the instructions and guidelines on our website.
For surfaces with point axle load up to 20t, tested according to DIN 1072:1985
For re trucks tested according to DIN EN 124:2011.The local code must be followed.
Environmentally neutral tested according to OECD 202:2004, DIN 14090 and DIN 1072
Factory warranty: 20 years from purchase date
NATO Certified
We recommend to consult with your local fire authorities for new construction or renovation of emergency access surfaces.
TÜV Nord „Made in Germany“

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