Want to know more on how Ecoraster® works and how can it help you? Find out what is Ecoraster Permeable Paving, and why is it important?

Ecoraster Bloxx for Home and Garden. The perfect addition to an enjoyable backyard oasis

Ecoraster Bloxx for Home and Garden

D.I.Y, Green spaces

The Bloxx product is a DIYer friendly product that can be used for pathways, patios, parking areas and pool decks for homeowners and commercial needs alike. Ecoraster Bloxx is a permeable paving product that installs very easily and ensures a long lasting, premium finished project.

The Bloxx system is comprised of two parts, the matrix and the blocks. The matrix easily snaps together on top of a prepared base. The blocks are then placed into the cells of the matrix in whatever pattern desired. The blocks come in either concrete or recycled crumb rubber and both types come in a wide range of colors.

Unlike conventional paving stones, the Bloxx blocks will not shift, lift or heave over time due to the surrounding Ecoraster plastic frame.
Ecoraster Bloxx can be installed to conform to the specific terrain and needs of the customer. The Bloxx provides a permeable surface that will ensure no pooling or puddling of water after a rain event. The Bloxx was designed for areas of extreme temperature, both hot and cold. The Bloxx can support the heaviest of loads and provides the dynamic strength needed for access vehicles. Bloxx does not require any regular maintenance. Bloxx also ensures the surface is ADA/AODA compliant.