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Dow Honda Parking extension. Parking extension for Honda dealership

Dow Honda Parking extension


Project: Parking extension for Honda dealership
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Installed: Summer 2014

Dow Honda is a reputable Honda Dealership in Ottawa that outgrew their old location and needed to build a new more modern facility.
The Landscape Architect along with the owner of the dealership, together decided that they wanted to add an element of greening to the site.
The Landscape Architect was familiar with Ecoraster and knew how Ecoraster answered many of the necessary “greening” criteria i.e. recycled plastic bags; the fact that it controlled stormwater runoff and the longevity that it provides. It was therefore an easy decision to incorporate Ecoraster as part of the new facility. Approximately 25,000 square feet was installed where the new inventory is located on the lot.