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Aga Khan Park – Toronto – enhancing the gravel access area. Improved accessibility of the gravel area

Aga Khan Park – Toronto – enhancing the gravel access area


The Aga Khan Park, Aga Khan Museum & Ismaili Centre are state of the art facilities in central Toronto. The Park & Formal garden is comprised of stunning water features, mature trees, grass areas and gravel areas. The intent was to incorporate areas that had different textures and different sounds. The challenge they came across was with the gravel fields. The gravel was loose. They realized immediately that this area would be difficult for visitors with mobility issues and those with strollers to enjoy. It was further challenging to maintain due to the constant movement of the gravel.

Ecoraster was used to enhance the area. The grid was easy and fast to install. It immediately addressed the issues. Ecoraster now contains the aggregate fill, eliminating any compaction and minimizing migration. The gravel fields are level, stable and permeable. There will be no ruts in the gravel areas and there will also be no pooling of water after rain events. A wheelchair was brought out mid installation and it was tested to be functional. Ecoraster provided universal accessibility to an area that was previously limiting.