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What makes a Permeable Paving Product truly sustainable and environmentally friendly?

Posted on May 22, 2015 · Posted in Purus updates
  • Are you a homeowner or are you a commercial land and business owner looking for permeable paving alternatives?
  • Are you looking for additional points to achieve LEED status?
  • Are you looking for a cost effective option to traditional asphalt paving or concrete?
  • Are you in a remote location that makes access difficult for large trucks?
  • Are you being asked to minimize storm water run off in order to be granted building permits?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you have been exploring options for permeable/porous paving and ground reinforcement.
With an increasing focus on the inclusion of porous paving, whether grass paving or reinforced gravel paving, into landscape and building designs, there are more and more products on the market.

When choosing the appropriate paving system, there are many questions that are asked. Customers must be sensitive to their individual climatic needs and ensure the paving system is appropriate for their needs. The weight bearing requirements and maintenance needs of the different systems must also be explored. Many customers are exploring paving alternatives to find something that is more cost effective than traditional paving methods.

Customers are also exploring different options based on sustainability of the product. If affordability, durability, sustainability and environmentally friendly characteristics are your motivating causes for exploring porous paving alternatives, then you will find Ecoraster a very strong contender.

The Ecoraster system for permeable paving/ground reinforcement is truly a fully sustainable and LID (Low Impact Design) product.
The grid is 100% recycled post consumer LDPE. It is fully recyclable as well as reusable. The manufacturing process of the grid sections is environmentally friendly, with minimal carbon foot printing in a green field operation. Ecoraster can also be used in conjunction with other paving products, such as unit interlocking pavers, as a permeable ground stabilizer. Ecoraster used as a base strengthener underneath unit pavers allows the installer to use minimal base excavation, truly LID installation, while retaining a premium finished product that can be guaranteed against lifting, shifting and heaving.

With increasing numbers of customers committed to using truly permeable unit pavers, Ecoraster allows even the DIYer to easily install these stones properly, previously challenging due to the uncompacted base that is usually needed. Ecoraster is used within the permeable base preparation as a way to stabilize the potentially unsecured base. The reduction of base depth needed for interlocking installations using Ecoraster saves the installer both work time and money.

Ecoraster can also be used for nature pathways, tree root protection and erosion protection, again all in a low impact fashion, protecting the environment in a durable, yet affordable manner.
Ecoraster is easily installed, no need for specialized technicians. Once installed, the lightweight product is virtually maintenance free. The cost of the Ecoraster system makes it an attractive option to traditional methods, a point which is increasingly motivating for projects in remote locations.
Ecoraster has been used for over 20 years in the harshest of climates, both hot and cold and has been subjected to extreme testing for all applications and technical standards.

When choosing a permeable paving product, ask yourself which qualities you are willing to compromise on, if the answer is none…then Ecoraster is the product for you.