The increase in urban density has city planners and designers looking for ways to increase green space

Posted on January 25, 2016 · Posted in Purus updates

There has been much success in “greening” back alleyways and laneways. Traditionally paved surfaces, either with asphalt or concrete strips, these areas allow drivers to safely access spaces behind buildings.

They are often driven on by service and delivery vehicles and are most often not maintained very frequently, leading to dirty conditions and cracked and uneven surfaces. Ecoraster can be used to bring a green and permeable surface to these laneways in an affordable, long lasting manner.

There are many benefits to incorporating Ecoraster into these types of projects; the grid system quiets traffic; green laneways have been proven to reduce crime; and the permeable surface eliminates all storm water run off ensuring there is no surface drainage issues. Green laneways can be used to enhance community involvement by letting the residents care for and maintain the green surface.

The grids can also be filled with gravel, eliminating the need for regular maintenance. More and more cities across North America are greening their laneways and reaping the benefits that follow.

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