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The Future includes Green Infrastructure

Posted on November 17, 2016 · Posted in Purus updates

The world is changing so quickly. If you think that the focus on green infrastructure is just a fad, a passing trend, think again.
Climate change is real. The world population is expanding at alarming rates and if changes focusing on sustainability aren’t incorporated now it will be too late to reverse the adverse effects of existing practices.

We have been living in a “disposable” society. There has been no thought as to what happens after we are done here. Environmental concerns, clean water, energy conservation and better air quality are all topics that have been circulating for decades throughout North America. Finally, things are starting move in the right direction!

Heroes, supporters of the causes, have come forward and are trying to change the world. No longer can we pretend that climate change doesn’t exist. No longer can we avoid talking about greenhouse gas emissions and energy conservation and no longer can we pretend that we don’t know that there are environmentally sound alternatives to traditional paving surfaces that will help keep our waters clean and safe. Wikipedia defines green infrastructure as providing the “ingredients” for solving urban and climatic changes by building with nature.

Our designs and building practices are changing, as they must, to mimic nature. We are including rain gardens, green roofs, LED lighting, emission testing and permeable paving. We are working at an accelerated speed to include LID alternatives and green alternatives not only for future consideration but also to try and reverse decades of “non-green” practices. It is up to us, to our generation, not only to push green infrastructure alternatives as quickly and as widely-spread as possible but also to educate the next generation to ensure that all the momentum we have finally gathered is not lost.

I am proud to be doing my part but am I doing enough to help promote green infrastructure to those that can affect the most change? Make 2017 the year that green infrastructure and LID alternatives are included in your designs and projects.