Green Infrastructure

The European Way-Green Infrastructure Everywhere

Posted on November 22, 2016 · Posted in Purus updates

The European way is to include green infrastructure and permeable alternatives everywhere.
Not only is Ecoraster greater than 95% permeable, when filled with grass (as seen above) or gravel, it is a truly sustainable choice based on the long lifecycle of the product. Ecoraster is intended, designed and engineered, to last for at least 20 years. What other paving or ground reinforcement product carries a claim like that?

Ecoraster is a product that requires minimal to no maintenance throughout its lifespan. There will be no vacuuming, no resealing, and no cracks or pot holes to repair. Ecoraster is cold weather friendly and can be snow plowed daily. Our European customers state that they use at least 90% less salt in a winter season; imagine the cost savings…imagine the reduction in maintenance time… Ecoraster is widely used throughout the world for heavy duty, industrial type projects.

Ecoraster is used for soft shoulder roadside reinforcement, boulevard reinforcement, service vehicle access roads, bridge reinforcement along curves, rail tracks and as a concrete alternative for loading areas and distribution centers. Ecoraster provides an affordable solution that is easy to install and lightweight to transport, making it the perfect product for remote locations. Ecoraster does not require specially trained technicians to install allowing communities to both save money by installing for them selves and cultivate pride of ownership on locally installed projects.

More and more municipalities throughout North America are taking the steps to include LID products into upcoming projects. Ecoraster is a product that is proven to help reduce the effect of flooding by allowing the storm water to be managed on site while helping to stretch capital budgets.