The balance between cost and quality

Posted on July 22, 2015 · Posted in Purus updates

True success within the building industry is a fine balance between cost and quality. Too often, this is a balance that is not easily met.
Quality is often directly related to available budget. The effects are not always apparent initially, however, over time, it is often obvious that “corners were cut” in order to stay within the budget. It is not common to find high quality alternative type products, differing from the norm, that are not only more effective and reliable, but that are equal in price, or even more affordable. Such is the case with Ecoraster, the affordable paving alternative.

Not only is Ecoraster cost effective, it is more affordable, especially in the long run, than tradition paving and ground reinforcement products. It is known, industry wide, that there is a finite lifetime to products such as asphalt and concrete, especially if the engineering specifications are not followed precisely. Ecoraster “paved” projects such as parking lots, fire access lanes, and pathways will not require the costly constant maintenance that asphalt and concrete projects will.

Ecoraster “paving” will not crack or require resealing. The lines demarcating the parking spaces are everlasting and will not need repaving. Traditional requirements for storm water management infrastructure are greatly reduced, if not fully eliminated. Winter salt costs are minimal due to the permeable quality of the surface. Ecoraster can also be used as a vehicle to reduce the depth of aggregate needed to provide base stability underneath transportation surfaces. Incorporating the Ecoraster grid system into the base preparation guidelines underneath unit pavers, asphalt or even concrete will allow you to minimize the base depth needed to be excavated. This has very interesting ramifications; if the base depth is reduced, the quanity of aggregate needed is reduced as well. This will lower costs, save man power hours and is extremely attractive especially for those areas in which aggregate is hard and expensive to find or needs to be trucked in from great distances.

The reduction in base depth does not mean a lesser quality installation, instead, the Ecoraster provides a durable, reliable base stabilization that ensures a high quality finished product that will remain level and stable for an extended period of time.
Utilizing Ecoraster as an alternative for high quality concrete is also possible and the cost savings involved are extremely attractive.
Ecoraster is a product that is not only affordable but that will allow projects to be completed in a time efficient manner with a high quality, long lasting premium finish.