Spring rains lead to interest in Ecoraster

Posted on August 12, 2015 · Posted in Purus updates

Due to the intense and consistent spring rains that Ontario is experiencing this year, we are getting numerous phone calls about the many uses of Ecoraster. Areas that have poor soil conditions and poor drainage are the hardest hit. Day after day of rain has proven challenging for the insufficient municipal sewer infrastructure and the risk of flooding is elevated. Ecoraster can be used in many different areas for both commercial and residential areas.

Ecoraster can be used successfully in lieu of asphalt and concrete for driveways and parking lots. Large municipal parking areas such as commuter parking lots can benefit from incorporating Ecoraster, not just for drainage reasons but for cost comparison reasons alone. Large parking areas that use Ecoraster instead of asphalt will save money both initially and long term. The low maintenance Ecoraster system is favored by the facility departments and not needing to waste precious land for retention ponds or bioswales, is a key decision factor for builders and developers.

Ecoraster can also provide an affordable solution when additional parking space is needed but is forbidden by zoning and permits. Ecoraster can be used for long lasting, affordable erosion protection and can be used on slopes up to vertical. Ecoraster can be used for soft shoulder reinforcement, reinforcing roadsides in a permeable manner eliminating the need for constant maintenance and providing a safe driving surface.

Ecoraster can be used to provide tree root protection, eliminating compaction of soil and ensuring the tree roots have enough room and water to thrive. Ecoraster can be used to provide heavy duty driveable grass that can be used for fire access roads and storage areas.
Ecoraster can be used for LID low impact design pathways, allowing for long lasting, heavy duty, eco-friendly pathways that can be used by access vehicles and pedestrians alike.

There are many other uses and applications for the versatile, high quality permeable ground reinforcement system.
Explore “Ecoraster images” to see pictures of some of the thousands of projects incorporating the affordable and durable grid system.