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Once in a while a special opportunity comes along, a chance to do something good for the environment. Introducing Ecoraster®, an exceptional and innovative green permeable-paving-system from Purus Plastics, the European market leader in green plastics (and official supplier to NATO and the U.S. Military).

Our product helps the environment in 4 significant ways:

  1. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic bags, effectively keeping millions of non-degradable bags out of public landfills.
  2. Because it can be filled with natural land cover like grass, it helps reduce the “Heat Island Effect”, where higher city temperatures result from non-permeable surfaces like asphalt and concrete absorbing instead of reflecting the sun’s energy. This is important because the higher city temperatures increase air pollution levels, and heat-related illness and fatalities, and put extra pressure on our energy generation network.
  3. Environmentally-sustainable permeability allows surface water to soak through the soil and plants, which do an excellent job of filtering out pollutants, and therefore helps maintain ground water quality and avoid environmental problems caused by storm water runoff.
  4. By providing a solid structure for soil, our products prevent soil compaction, further decreasing storm water runoff and preventing soil erosion.

Product Benefits

Mud control and prevents soil erosion.
Cost effective compared to concrete and asphalt.
Reduces stormwater runoff, and protects the water table.
High quality, and durable at extreme high and low temperatures.
Winter-friendly and can be snowplowed.
A green product worth L.E.E.D. points.
Made from 100% recycled plastic bags.
Environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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