Pathways and Ecoraster

Pathways and Ecoraster

Posted on November 24, 2016 · Posted in Purus updates

Pathways can be a funny thing. Some people want paths that can be used by all, skateboarders and roller bladers included. Some people want pathways that are mainly for pedestrian traffic but can be accessible to all including strollers, wheelchairs and canes. Some people want pathways that mimic the natural surface minus the maintenance requirements that soft ground, mud, ruts and tree roots provide.

Ecoraster is a proven solution for all types of pathways; from natural surfaces, to multi-use, to vehicle accessible. Ecoraster can be used to contain aggregate fill providing a universally accessible surface by eliminating all risk of movement, compaction and migration, of the fill. Ecoraster can also be used to contain locally sourced fill eliminating the risk of potholes, ruts, soft areas and uneven sections. Ecoraster can be used to reinforce just troublesome areas, there is no need to do the “whole pathway”.

Trails that use Ecoraster with gravel or natural fill can be used by all pedestrians and bicycles. Ecoraster ensures is ADA and AODA compliant and ensures that strollers, wheelchairs, crutches, canes and other similar modes of transportation can use the trails and paths reliably and safely.
Ecoraster can also be used for multi use trails and paths. These are trails that can be used by everyone, including skate boarders, roller bladers and even access vehicles.

For multi use trails, Ecoraster can be used to provide structural support beneath a solid surface such as recycled crumb rubber. Pathways like these are LID in design allowing minimal base excavation and disposal. These types of pathways have also been used for golf cart paths ensuring a high traffic friendly surface that is long lasting, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Ecoraster is light weight, easy to transport and easy to install making it a favorable solution for areas in remote locations. Contact us for more details;