“Lead by Example” to Ensure the World is left a Better Place for our Children and Generations to Come

Posted on September 15, 2016 · Posted in Purus updates

One of the most important life lessons is to “lead by example”.

Whether the relationship is a teacher-student, a parent-child, an employer-employee or a camp counsellor-camper; the lesson is always the same.
Effective life lessons are learned, embraced and internalized in many different ways.

Some people are visual learners, some need to read the information for themselves and others have to actually try something in order to truly understand it.

Lifestyle changes and adaptations surrounding the topic of Climate Change are concepts, values and actions that must be modelled in the same way a parent would teach a child; by example.

The fight against climate change and in taking the steps to ensure the world is left in a healthier, more stable state for future generations, is something that must be taught from the top down.

The most important steps that can be taken are those that are taken at a Government level.

Federal and Municipal governed lands are the largest by surface area. Any changes made to these lands will impact the entire region.
One of the newest focuses of reducing the impact of climate change is to integrate and incorporate permeable ground reinforcement systems in areas such as surface parking lots and access roads. Permeable surfaces will help manage storm water where it lands, reducing the costly and damaging effects of flooding.

Imagine the impact if all commuter surface parking lots were constructed using permeable paving.

The effect is dramatic; instead of all the rain water running into the sewers and polluting our precious waters, the rain water is stored beneath the parking lot and allowed to either evaporate or recharge the underground aquifers.

Our European neighbours have been using permeable parking lots as neighbourhood infiltration areas for decades. Land is expensive and precious. Permeable parking lots eliminate the need for storm water ponds, bio swales and other land-using technologies. Permeable paving parking lots benefit area residents on many different levels.

Home owners and small land owners “the children” will be much more readily supportive of initiatives and design directives it they see it being used by the “parent”, the Government level institutions.