temporary roads

Heavy duty ground cover/Temporary Roads

Posted on April 29, 2015 · Posted in Purus updates

Individuals involved with the construction industry are always looking for high quality, reliable ground protection products. Conventionally, plywood and products such as Alturna Mats are used to protect the ground when accessing construction sites.

These types of products are often hard to transport and need to be removed often to ensure the ground below is not damaged by being covered. There are also weight restrictions and plywood can only be reused a couple times before it has to be replaced. Ecoraster is an easy to transport alternative to traditional ground protection products.

The Ecoraster grid is a porous product that can be left on the ground for extended periods of time. It is very lightweight but able to support the heaviest of loads including cranes and cement trucks. It is reusable and recyclable if needed. Ecoraster can also be used for temporary roads. These roads, fully permeable and sustainable, can be left in place until such a time that the needs change. The “road” can then be dismantled and reused elsewhere. Temporary roads are very useful in construction areas and areas of challenging soil conditions.