Ecoraster vs Plywood Sheets

Posted on November 15, 2016 · Posted in Purus updates

Ecoraster has a proven solution to a problem commonly found… If you are a landscaper, pool installer, groundskeeper or on a cemetery maintenance crew, you are probably very familiar with 4x 8 sheets of plywood.Plywood sheets are commonly used to provide temporary ground stability, protect tree roots and reduce mud in and around work sites.

Plywood sheets may seem like the perfect solution for these applications but they are not. The plywood sheets are heavy and difficult to maneuver and transport especially if it is windy and/or the sheets are saturated with rain and mud.

It is nearly impossible for one person to carry more than one sheet at a time. The wood sheets crack and splinter. They are often treated as “disposable” due to the fact they can’t be easily and reliably reused, which is wasteful, not environmentally friendly and can be expensive. Ecoraster provides an immediate solution.The Ecoraster grid squares can be preassembled into the size needed. The “sheets” of Ecoraster can then be used instead of plywood sheets everywhere. Ecoraster is lightweight and easy to transport, even during windy days. 2-3 “sheets” of Ecoraster can be carried by one person.

Ecoraster does not absorb water or mud; not only that, but if the Ecoraster “sheets” get dirty, they can be washed down and stored clean. Ecoraster can be reused time and time again, the life span is virtually infinite. Even unfilled, Ecoraster can support the heaviest of weight loads and can be used by skid steers and other heavy duty machinery. Ecoraster can also be used for temporary walkways and to keep areas clean, dry and mud free. Ecoraster should be a staple found in all maintenance vehicles to ensure safety and stability.