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Ecoraster Uses for Dog Owners

Posted on May 17, 2016 · Posted in Purus updates

People will do just about anything for their furry four legged friends. Ecoraster makes it easy for dog owners to install dog runs and dog kennels in their backyards or at their cottages.

Dogs love the outdoors. They can run back and forth for hours often along the same pathway. The constant compaction of the ground whether it be along side a fence or even in a dog run, leads to a muddy surface. Muddy surfaces are problematic not only regarding the cleanliness of the dogs, and subsequent muddy paw prints getting tracked inside but the muddy surface makes it hard to clean up and maintain.

Ecoraster can be installed quickly and easily to eliminate mud immediately from your dog’s favorite pathway. The “solid” yet permeable surface makes clean up very easy. Solid waste can easily be lifted off and the surface can be washed down as needed. Ecoraster also prevents the dogs from tunneling out of your yard, as well as prevents unwelcomed intruders from tunneling in.

Ecoraster has also been used as a “flooring” system for temporary kennels and cages providing a dry surface that keeps the dogs dry and protected. Ecoraster is lightweight and east to transport allowing you to bring it along for short stays or to camping grounds.