Ecoraster is very easy to install, even for the lay person

Posted on May 18, 2015 · Posted in Purus updates

The preparation of the ground will depend on what your individual needs are…Do you need to buffer storm water? Do you need to support a heavy load? Are you looking to reduce mud? Are you looking for a permeable pathway? Do you need to retrofit a cracking asphalt driveway? Are you looking for a permeable concrete alternative for your hot tub pad? Do you need a temporary road that is strong enough to support cement trucks?
Whatever your individual needs , Ecoraster is the product for you.
The grid is fast and easy to install, lightweight to transport and durable in extreme temperatures.
The small size of the individual squares is helpful when working in irregular areas or with undulating slopes. Ecoraster can be cut easily with a circular saw or even hedge clippers.
Explore “Ecoraster Images” on line for pictures of many projects incorporating Ecoraster in various ways.