Ecoraster for efficient land use

Ecoraster helps with efficient land use

Posted on July 14, 2016 · Posted in Purus updates

There is so much talk about climate change. People are really trying to do the right thing. Traditional methods for reducing the effects of storm water runoff were large storm water ponds and bioswales. The cost of land, especially in large city centers and the maintenance costs involved with the ponds including the disposal of the often contaminate sediment, has people looking for effective yet affordable alternatives. Ecoraster provides a reliable, durable solution. Ecoraster can be used to construct an infiltration area, allowing the ground to be used while serving as an underground holding area for storm water run off.

Ecoraster parking lots can be installed in such a way that the base beneath the driving surface can hold as much storm water as necessary. The areas can be designed to be the “infiltration area” for the neighbourhood. Ecoraster is 95% open and can be filled with either grass or gravel. The surface of the Ecoraster can be used for both residential and commercial vehicles and traffic.

Ecoraster reinforced parking lots are designed to fully disconnect from municipal sewer infrastructure, leading to both tremendous initial cost savings and efficient, effective land usage. Ecoraster parking lots can reduce the damaging effects of flooding and can help recharge the ground water aquifers in a natural manner. Ecoraster provides an immediate solution with tangible, easy to quantify results. Our European neighbours have used Ecoraster as park-able infiltration areas for over two decades and their designs and technology are now becoming mainstream in North America.