Heavy duty ground reinforcement

Ecoraster for heavy duty ground reinforcement

Posted on January 25, 2016 · Posted in Purus updates

Ecoraster, made by Purus, is such a versatile permeable ground reinforcement system that it can be used in places that traditional stabilization methods can’t. Ecoraster is light weight and easy to transport making it the perfect product to use in remote and hard to access areas that need ground reinforcement and “paving”.

The Ecoraster family of products has adapter pieces that can be used to contour the segments to variations within the terrain, even 90 degree angles. The strength of the grid product is apparent even when the cells are empty and can support the heaviest of loads and access vehicles. Ecoraster can be used in areas of extreme temperatures, both hot and cold and the 20 year product guarantee ensures happy and satisfied long term customers.

Ecoraster has been used for over 2 decades to provide permeable ground reinforcement in some of the most industrial application possible. Projects in which the reliability and durability of the product is paramount. Ecoraster is proven and has been used for road shoulder reinforcement, bridge reinforcement, light rail track support, traditional rail support and culvert reinforcement, just to name a few.
Ecoraster is a product you can depend on, no matter what your needs are.