EcoRaster for gravel driveways

Posted on February 25, 2013 · Posted in Purus updates

The Solution:

  • Very easy and quick to install (Can be a one man job)

The unique grid design holds the gravel in place and separates it from the sub-base. Thus the gravel doesn’t move nor does it require constant “topping up” with more gravel.

Working on the “snowshoe principle”, our grid disperses the weight of the vehicle over a larger surface area. Thus preventing compaction and improving water drainage.

  • Improved water drainage and no compaction means that ruts and potholes simply don’t develop.
  • Reduced maintenance costs and safety.

EcoRaster’s wall thickness and the use of the patented locking tabs prevents raveling of the grid even in vehicle turning areas.

Tough and durable, EcoRaster is resistant to chemicals, corrosion and climate extremes.

The choice of an asphalt, concrete or paved driveway is environmentally unsound due to being an impervious surface. Impervious surfaces lead to water quality degradation, reduced groundwater levels and the detrimental “Heat Island Effect”. EcoRaster provides an economical and environmentally sustainable alternative.