EcoRaster as a garden deck substitute

Posted on June 18, 2015 · Posted in Purus updates

The summer is already here and you just realized that you don’t like the looks of your garden deck? The wooden floor is rotten, grass is gone or in need of constant mowing and all you wanted is have a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the sun. Well, the answer is right here.

Ecoraster has numerous advantages over grass: it is the best solution in mud control and maintaining a natural surface. You can’t even tell you’re sitting on a perfectly interlocked grid deck. Being a great solution, many cheap Ecoraster copies are available which in the end can only bring you extra problems so you’ll end up spending more money and your precious time.

The main advantage of Ecoraster is it’s secure mounting construction. It is light weight and easily laid so everyone can do it as a nice DIY project. In the end, we guarantee you will feel great about yourself.

Wooden deckings are beutiful to look at, but the problems start with first rains. Even if you have great coating, it won’t lasts very long. Wood maintenance will get the best of you very soon while with Ecoraster, that problems dissapear. Once the installation is complete, you can choose your cover – grass, gravel or even concrete! It is completely made from recycled plastic, so you are also helping the environment.

Ecoraster grid is a product made in Germany, has a TÜV certificate which proves it’s safe for humans and also protects the environment. Ecoraster E30 is our economically popular solution for gardens and terraces. Eco Raster pavers are organic – they leave the surface water permeable. Because of it’s low maintenance, easy assembly and long guarantee, it is the first choice for landscape architects and contractors for gardening solutions as well as DIY community and hobbyists. There will be no more slippery slop accidents, no more muddy feet, only a nice ray of sunshine on your face.