Ecoraster and Motorcycle kickstand

Ecoraster and Motorcycles

Posted on November 8, 2016 · Posted in Purus updates

There is a common worry amongst motorcycle drivers regarding the stability and strength of the ground upon which the kickstand is supported. All too frequently we see this…

Soft parking surfaces are more common in warm weather. There can be sinking into the asphalt surface from kickstands and other items such as hot transport truck tires.

One frequent solution is to install specialized, and expensive, concrete pads. Concrete pads are not susceptible to “soft spots” like asphalt. Ecoraster parking lots allow the entire surface to be utilized by all vehicles, including motorcycles and motorbikes. The design of the Ecoraster system ensures that the gravel fill is contained, eliminating the risk of compaction or migration.

Incorporating Ecoraster in order to reinforced gravel areas ensures that the gravel is area is fully accessible by everyone and everything, including wheelchairs, crutches, canes, strollers and high heels. The same qualities that provide the universally accessible surface ensure that the surface is supportive for motorcycle kickstands.