Ecoraster and Interlocking Unit Pavers

Posted on May 20, 2015 · Posted in Purus updates

The finish product of properly installed unit interlocking pavers is universally enjoyed by home owners, commercial builders and municipalities alike. The many different types of pavers currently available on the market are a designers dream and many projects incorporate unit pavers into a wide variety of applications.

More often than not, a specially trained technician is used to install the paving stones to ensure a long lasting premium finish. DIYers often shy away from installing unit pavers due to the complexity involved with the base preparation and the need for deep excavations, especially in cold climates.
Ecoraster is now easily available throughout North America as a product to provide ease of installation of unit pavers to professional landscapers and even to the DIYer market.

Professional landscapers that use Ecoraster within their base preparation as a base stabilizer realize immediately the effectiveness of the product. Their projects are completed in a fraction of the time due to the reduced base excavation needed, the cost of the rental equipment and disposal fees are greatly reduced. The grid provides a level, stable surface to that of concrete but in a permeable easy to install manner. The paving stones are laid much quicker due to the flatness of the base and the premium finished product is able to be guaranteed for an extended period of time against shifting, lifting and heaving.

Customers that had previously shied away from unit pavers due to the possible tripping hazard are now including the aesthetically pleasing products into their designs with the understanding that Ecoraster will eliminate the potential hazards. One can extrapolate the use of Ecoraster into the DIYer market for interlocking installation.

Previously thought of as a high budget product due to the need for specially trained installers, Ecoraster opens the interlocking paver market to the DIYer as well. Incorporating Ecoraster into the base preparation allows the homeowner to minimize the needed base excavation. It also provides a more “forgiving” base stabilization that is lightweight and easy to install. The unit pavers are placed on top of the reinforced base that is easily levelled. The DIYer is able to quickly enjoy his interlocking driveway or pathway with pride.