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Purus North America has a network of trusted Distributors who are ready to help bring your Ecoraster project to life.

If you don’t see your region listed below, a member of the Purus North America Team would be happy to help.


Purus North America
Phone: 1-800-495-5517
Email: mike.coates@purus-northamerica.com


Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

B8 Ventures
Website: b8ventures.com
Phone: 403-877-5883



LID Permeable Paving
Website: lidpermeablepaving.ca
Phone: 1-844-454-3728


United States

Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Northern California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Washington,Wyoming

Eqo Pro
Website: eqopro.com
Phone: 503-793-5775


Louisiana, Texas

Industrial Fabrics Inc.
Website: ind-fab.com
Phone: 225-273-9600


North Dakota, South Dakota

B8 Ventures
Website: b8ventures.com
Phone: 403-877-5883


North Carolina, South Carolina

Ecoraster Carolinas
Website: ecorastercarolinas.com


New York, Maine, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia

ACF Environmental
Website: acfenvironmental.com


Long Island

Drainage and Paving Solutions
Website: eco-raster.com
Phone: 212-564-8900


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Purus NA Ecoraster Inc.

Toll Free: 1 800 495-5517
Email: info{AT}purus-northamerica.com