Want to know more on how Ecoraster® works and how can it help you? Find out what is Ecoraster Permeable Paving, and why is it important?


VW dealership ecoraster parking

Orleans Volkswagon Dealership in Ottawa, Ontario

Orleans Volkswagon Dealership in Ottawa, Ontario
Toronto zoo paving

Metro Toronto Zoo-African Restaurant Patio

Ecoraster supported unit interlocking pavers
Parking extension for Honda dealership

Dow Honda Parking extension

Parking extension for Honda dealership
Innisfail golf course

Innisfail Golf Course

Patio Extension at the Innisfail Golf Course

Ecoraster in use for universal accessibility

Wheelchair access for the allotments

Ecoraster Snow plow

Ease of snow plowing an Ecoraster surface

Grassed reinforced golf fairway

Golf course access routes

Ecoraster for fire access routes

Fire fighting operations are often hindered by the lack or poor quality of access lanes and parking and turning areas.

Ecoraster E50 vs backhoe

Fully loaded static backhoe turning

Ecoraster E50 vs Bulldozer

Ecoraster's extreme resilience and toughnes.

Livestock feeding areas

Keep heavy traffic areas, such as feeding areas, dry and mud free

An affordable partner for mining and drilling

The mining and drilling industry is focused on safety first

Hay feeder project using Ecoraster

We have property in Florida where we keep two horses who mill around one hay feeder.

Ecoraster – The D.I.Y. Hot Tub Pad System

How to use Ecoraster for your Hot tub base


Ecoraster useed in building this helicopter helipad

High traffic public path

Low impact installation for a high traffic public path that we wanted to keep grass

Stabilization of unpaved shoulders over weak sub grade using geosynthetics

To accommodate heavy truck loads, eco grids can be used as reinforcement to stabilize. One of such technologies is also our Ecoraster grid

Permeable floor for farrowing huts with Ecoraster

Permeable floor for farrowing huts - ECORASTER X30 packed with straw

Frankfurt Airport

Rainwater retention with Ecoraster® at the Frankfurt Airport, Germany
Anti erosion

Rainwater retention, Arzberg

Rainwater retention, embankment reinforcement, erosion protection

Ecoraster in Dairy Farm for sand bedding savings

Ecoraster E50 re-enforcing the sand bedding in the milking parlor

Ecoraster free-draining base for riding arenas

For over 20 years the Ecoraster arena system has been improving riding arena footing performance at the highest levels of equestrian sports.

High performance permeable outdoor warehouse paving

Industrial Outdoor Warehouse with Ecoraster sandwich method

Park-able concrete pavers with minimal excavation

To resolve the issue within the customer’s budgets restraints, the landscaper decided to use Ecoraster X30 system as a base reinforcement.

Residential Synthetic Grass Installation

Low impact installation of high quality synthetic with minimal excavation


People who serve a nation deserve the highest quality.

Dairy farms

Reduce sand usage and increase cow comfort.

Green Spaces

Use of EcoRaster in the development of green spaces!

Erosion Control

Stop erosion permanently with EcoRaster!

Mud Control in farms

Permanently eliminate mud problems with EcoRaster!

Golf Courses

Our grid has been used extensively on Golf Courses throughout the world.

Gravel Driveways

EcoRaster enables you to create the ultimate, maintenance free gravel driveway.

Pathways, Bike Paths, Trails

EcoRaster improves the safety and durability of the heavy traffic areas.

Green Roofing

Use Ecoraster as a base for green roofing.

Parking Lots

EcoRaster has been used in Europe for years to promote permeable parking areas.

Equestrian & Livestock Facilities

EcoRaster is your permanent solution to muddy paddocks, round pens and turn outs.
outdoor festivals

Public Spaces

Outdoor Venues and Market Places and Flea Markets


EcoGrid/EcoRaster enables sustainable grassed camp sites
ecoraster -landscape-path


The correct installation of EcoRaster will ensure maximum water permeability