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Affordable Boulevard Grass Reinforcement with Ecoraster

Posted on February 18, 2016 · Posted in Purus updates

Spring time is maintenance time to fix the damaged ground found within grassed boulevards and cow path type areas.
The freeze thaw cycle combined with narrower streets due to snow drifts leads to damaged grass and compacted ground on roadsides and pathway edges. Access vehicles and snow plows entering park pathways and driving on the grass area by accident lead to dangerous, deep ruts that are muddy and can be considered tripping hazards. The remedy is quiet simple.

Using Ecoraster to reinforce boulevard grass, curb extensions and pathway edges will once and for all solve the recurrent problem. Ecoraster will stabilize the edges, eliminating all compaction of the ground, even when huge access vehicles “jump the curb”. The area is usable immediately after the installation of the grid as the grass roots germinate below the level of the grid cells. Due to the smaller grid size, Ecoraster can be used to reinforce edges by as little as 1 ft., providing only the support actually needed and saving labor and material costs. Grass areas need only to be reinforced with Ecoraster once and will remain maintenance free for years and years.